RBI Should Think of These Pics on Currency Notes!

Fri 22nd May 2020 08:52 PM

RBI Should Think of These Great People on Currency Notes!

RBI Should Think of These Pics on Currency Notes!
RBI Should Think of These Pics on Currency Notes!

The Reserve Bank of India prints and manages currency notes of various denominations whereas the government of India regulates what denominations to be circulated. 

However, most of the people of Independent India are fed up with the routine and monotonous appearances of the notes. They want a change on currency notes. Especially, many people are requesting Rbi to print the following great personalities pics on currency notes. 


EMPEROR ASHOKA: He was the best ruler ever in Indian history that has 6000 years of civilization. He ruled entire Indain sub-continent between BC 268 to BC 232. If at all his pic is printed on Indian currency notes we would get great recognition from the rest of the nations. Also, India's impeccable tradition and its domination in ancient days would be known to the world countries. 

CHANDRAGUPTHA MOURYA: He was the founder of Mourya dynasty who built a strong empire in Indian subcontinent. He ruled between 321-298 BCE. 

FREEDOM FIGHTERS LIKE LAL, BAL, PAL, BHAGAT SINGH, SUBHASH CHANDRABOSE, SARDAR VALLABHAI PATEL, JHANSI LAKSHMI BHAI AND A FEW MORE: All of them, sacrificed their lives for Indian Independence. Their names should also be considered on Indian currency notes. 

AMBEDKAR: He was the chief architect of Indian Constitution. Furthermore, he was a great social reformer. His pic should also be considered very seriously by Rbi.