Mahesh's Lockdown Ending Message

Fri 22nd May 2020 07:28 PM

Mahesh Babu's Message on Lockdown Ending Days

Mahesh's Lockdown Ending Message
Mahesh's Lockdown Ending Message

When the nationwide lockdown was announced by the prime minister Narendra Modi, people were in  state of bewilderment with the lockdown norms. Prince Mahesh Babu then, posted a tweet on appealing everyone to maintain social distance. 

And now, lockdown is all set to get ended soon. Mahesh Babu has come up once again to convey a message on the care to be taken post lockdown days. He insisted the importance of wearing masks when stepping out of homes. 


"We are opening up. Slowly, but surely. In a time like this, masks are mandatory. Make it a point to wear a mask every time you step out, that's least we can do to protect ourselves and others. It may seem odd, but it is the need of the hour and we must get used to it. One step at a time! Let's adapt to the new normal and get life back on track. It's cool to be masked. I am. Are you?," Mahesh Babu tweeted, wearing a face mask. 

Mahesh Babu will be collaborating Geetha Govindam's director Parasuram for Mythri Movie Makers production venture soon. The project is yet to be launched officially.