Please! Trust! It's Not Biased on TDP

Fri 22nd May 2020 09:50 PM

AP H* Not Biased on Opposition

It's Not Biased on Opposition
It's Not Biased on Opposition

It's learnt that some people are unnecessarily exhibiting hatred on the H*. According to them, every decision of the YSRCP is being made null and void by the H* in spite of some really great decisions taken up by the AP government. 

"YS Jagan took crucial decision to convert all schools into English medium. The G.O. was bluntly dismissed by the H*. Finally, it was evident that 97% parents are supporting the CM's decision. Also, the H*'s verdict turned negative for Ycp in intelligence chief ABV and Srikakulam doctor Sudhakar's issues. All these judgements went in favour of the major opposition party, TDP. Seems like there are 'Caste' factors in the H*," lamented a Ycp's fan. 


"Please, trust H* it's so sincere. It's not biased towards the opposition," urged a fan of H*.