Analysis: Great Website Hatred on Mega Heroes and Casteism

Thu 21st May 2020 03:45 PM

Extensive Analysis on Great Website Hatred on Mega Heroes and Casteism

Analysis: Great Website Hatred on Mega Heroes and Casteism
Analysis: Great Website Hatred on Mega Heroes and Casteism

A great (pseudo) website has almost two decade seniority in Media journalism. In spite of its seniority, the website writes childish articles even today. Right from its birth itself, the Media developed hatred on mega heroes. Furthermore, the Media has another great quality 'the casteism'. Here is an analysis on the great website's hatred on mega heroes and its casteism. 

HATRED ON MEGA HEROES: When there was an inception of the website on net, Megastar Chiranjeevi and Power Star Pawan Kalyan were ruling the Tollywood while Mega Brother Nagababu was settled as a character actor. Leaving an astonishment to the viewers the web Media would use almost pachi boothulu on mega heroes. Those who read those articles thought if mega heroes had done great harm to the family of the Media and that's why, it resorted to that sort of abusive criticism. Time and tide wait for none! As the days passed on, some best web Media emerged on net. Obviously, great Media's mudslinging articles turned laughing stock among the netizens. Even today, this Media spills venom on mega heroes. But its articles are taken too light by everyone. 


ABOUT CASTEISM AND LOVE ON YS JAGAN, NKR AND YSR: Every individual may have some casteism and it should be decent and should not harm to anyone else. Especially, journos shouldn't exhibit caste bias. But this Media is quite indecent in exhibiting its casteism. Right now, the Media is busy tearing apart Pawan Kalyan predicting that he would surely become an instrumental factor in the defeat of YSRCP in 2024's general elections. Also, the Media does never criticize YSRP's mis-governance in some of the crucial decisions. 

WHAT ARE READERS DOING?: Readers may read the pointless and baseless articles of the Media just to test the innocence of the Media. But then, they actually prefer a few highly trusted Media for authentic articles.