Nagababu Fitting Retort to Them on Godse

Thu 21st May 2020 02:39 PM

Nagababu Fitting Retort to YSRCP and TDP on Godse

Nagababu Fitting Retort to Them on Godse
Nagababu Fitting Retort to Them on Godse

It is a known news that Mega Brother Nagababu, the other day, posted a thoughtful video on Nathuram Godse conveying his respects to him. Surprisingly, Nagababu received overwhelming response from 60% of netizens which further indicated people at current generation wish to know the hidden facts which were forcibly suppressed by then leaders of India. 

However, Nagababu received a huge criticism on his post from YSRCP and TDP fans. 


And today, Nagababu tweeted that his tweet is not related to Janasena and asserted it's his personal opinion. Also he delivered a fitting retort to his detractors with a pic posted by him in which a crane taking pains to swallow a frog. "Difficult to swallow the truth," Nagababu's tweet reads. 

Whatsoever, an interesting debate on the hidden facts of Godse's story is likely to be started soon.