Watch TV 9's Big Debate at 7 pm on Godse

Thu 21st May 2020 05:50 PM

Watch TV 9's Big Debate at 7 pm on Godse Tonight

Watch TV 9's Big Debate at 7 pm on Godse
Watch TV 9's Big Debate at 7 pm on Godse

As expected, Mega Brother Nagababu's words on Gandhi's assassinator Nathuram Godse turned out to be a big debatable topic. And the same is actually hoped by many people at the moment. On one side of the coin, Godse was a murderer. He was a criminal. He took law into his hands. And of course, he paid huge for his crime in the form of hanging to death. 

But then, entire story behind Godse's crime must be revealed to every Indian. There was neither rowdy sheet track record nor any humiliating track record to Godse before. 


What was the biggest damage done to India that has 6000 years of great civilization? It's undoubtedly, the partition of India and formation of Pakistan. But then, was the issues solved? No way! In return, Pakistan turned the biggest rival to our country. We are expending lakhs of crores every year in the budget just to get ourselves safeguarded from Pakistan's attack. Pakistani terrorists did lot of damage to Indians. 

And then, who was behind to all this chaos? Who was responsible for the massacre of lakhs of one particular group of people in Pakistan after formation of the country? And when some of these people returned to India to escape from death, did then top leader showed any mercy on them?

Tv 9 news channel is all set to conduct a big debate on the most sought after topic tonight at 7 pm. Let's watch it if any hidden facts in the discussion programme would be out.