Pawan Unintentional Punch to Mahesh!

Sat 12th Mar 2016 03:57 PM

Pawan Kalyan Shocking Answer Targets Mahesh?

Pawan Kalyan's Punch on Mahesh about Endorsements?
Pawan Kalyan's Punch on Mahesh about Endorsements?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's interview with Bollywood top journo Anupama Chopra has been unveiled on net today. Pawan Kalyan expressed his professional and personal views on various issues. For some of the questions, he gave sensational answers. 

As we all know, Pawan Kalyan stood always reluctant to act in ads or even endorse them. Long back, he endorsed Pepsi one time. Afterwards, Power Star stood away from corporate ads world. Finally, he came up with exact opinion on why he isn't preferring to become a brand ambassador when world's top most brands are running behind him. The same was quizzed by a journo on why he is away from ads all these days.


'I don't use most of the products which came forward for me and I was supposed to endorse them. When I am not utilizing these products and services, how can I trust them and address the viewers and public to try them once,' Pawan reportedly explained his logic.

Somehow, his reasoning appears to be unintentional but some section of viewers are feeling it as a punch on Prince Mahesh because the latter is known as king of endorsements with brands like Thums Up, Navaratna and even alcoholic beverages like Royal Stag under his belt.

It is still uncertain whether Mahesh really uses these products which he endorses or not. But surely Pawan Kalyan's thought provoking views on multiple Crores worth brand ambassadorship deals are sure to generate wide range of discussions.