Akhil Fell In Love With Director!

Mon 14th Mar 2016 09:07 AM

Akhil Selects Vamsy Paidipally For His Second Film

Vamsy Paidipally Is Akkineni Akhil Second Film Director
Vamsy Paidipally Is Akkineni Akhil Second Film Director

No more discussions on who could be the best director to select for Akkineni Akhil’s second heroic flick because dad Nagarjuna and son Akhil are completely contented with one man and he is director Vamsy Paidipally. The way Akki went in praises for Vamsy at ‘Oopiri’ trailer launch couple of days ago is a clear indication. 

Ever since ‘Akhil’ had drawn out a disastrous result, there was a high scale criticism aimed at young boy who was burdened with weighty expectations unmatched to his age and experience. Even Nagarjuna could not do much to stop the sinking of ‘Akhil’ made in hands of Vinayak and Nithin. This warned Akhil to remain more cautious in picking next project. A big queue of star and break seeking directors was thrown on media faces with not even one locked in final.


Vamsy worked superbly on minutest expressions which enhanced the emotional output in ‘Oopiri.’ After watching the trailer and few portions of film, Akhil went into a deep shock falling in love with Vamsy’s narration skills. When Nag and Akki have a common faith, then Vamsy is sure to run away with the bumper offer.