Balakrishna Working On Ph. D Thesis!

Sat 12th Mar 2016 01:56 PM

Balakrishna Preparing For Gouthami Puthra Satakarni Role

Balakrishna Studying History Books For 100th Film
Balakrishna Studying History Books For 100th Film

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s 100th film is unofficially confirmed with director Krissh and an announcement in this regards is expected very soon. Before that, most surprising element in this film is going to be historical backdrop of Satavahana Dynasty untouched in Telugu cinema. We might have seen enough of Kakatiya and Vijaya Nagara Empires commercialized on star heroes by top directors. 

This is the first time Krissh is exploring on an unexplored area. In fact, South Indian history begins with the history of Satavahanas. Their socio-cultural-economical contributions to Deccan region requires in depth study and analysis of academic syllabus in Post Graduation and Ph. D thesis works from History students. Before giving a serious cinema treatment, Krissh is taking time to glorify the important role of Shalivahanas in South India.


Along with cultural enrichment, Satavahana ruled provided peace and glory in Deccan region for four centuries when there was uncertainty and instability in other regions. With major evidences of this dynasty located in and around Guntur (Amaravathi, Dharanikota etc), we heard that Balakarishna is also studying books and working on PG thesis as reference to prepare for the character of Gouthami Puthra Satakarni.