Dora Review

Sun 02nd Apr 2017 06:52 AM

Dora Telugu Movie Review

Dora Review - Nayanathara
Dora Review - Nayanathara

Dora Movie Review, What’s Behind: Lady super star Nayanathara’s one more horror thriller outing highly publicized for devil in car has hit the screens today. Dora is dubbed film from the same title in Tamil original directed Doss Ramaswamy. After a successful Mayuri, let us see what’s there in Dora Review

Dora Story Review: Pankajam (Nayanathara) is the only daughter to a middle class retired father (Thambi Ramaiah). They start a new taxi business by purchasing an old vintage Austin Cambridge car. Things go wrong because the car goes on a killing spree creating terror in Pankajam’s family. On breaking mystery behind the car, Pankajam finds that a dog died in the same car when her master (a little none years girl child) is brutally raped and killed by three criminals. How Pankajam and Dora take revenge is the rest.


Dora Artists, Technicians Review: Having watched tried and tested formula of humanly ghosts entering into haunted bungalows and outhouses in revenge mode, this time director Doss tried something new with an animal soul. However, the exciting idea is weakened with immature screenplay and pale direction. A thrilling ride centered on heroine, a child artist and a dog absolutely went wrong with improper treatment. Except few episodes in second half, rest of the film bogs down with extensive lag and boredom. Dialogues by Malkapuram Shiva Kumar are weak. Dinesh Krishnan’s camera work is good at car elevation scenes and rest is mediocre. Gopikrishna editing is full of flaws with blunt connectivity and pathetic cutting. Vivek Solomon music works well to an extent. Production standards from Malkapuram Shiva Kumar and Suraksh are above average.

About artists, Nayanathara gave her best in pulling the film on alone shoulders with no support from script and director. Though Nayan has nothing much to explore in first half, definitely second half proved her mettle. Thambi Ramaiah is full of Tamil flavor over action. Harish Uthaman as police officer helped the proceeding to get tight. Three main villains with North Indian touch have done their job. Rest have nothing much.

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Second Half

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Slow Narrative

Remaining Everything

Dora Review Rating Analysis: In the name of horror thriller, Telugu audiences are seriously misguided because Dora is more of action revenge with zero thrills and null horror content. An evil spirit gets into a car or a dog taking revenge, both are age old thoughts in Tollywood because Kaaru Diddina Kapuram, Namminabantu are two films treated far better long back. In recent times, ‘Taarzaan’ from Bollywood is also on the same line. Whatsoever, an interesting line is made uninterestingly into a film by Doss Ramaswamy. He failed to exploit the powerhouse performer in Nayanathara too.  

Entire first half is wasted on Naynathara-Thami Ramaiah (daughter-father) track which was neither entertaining nor enthralling. Only when they buy a car, slight momentum builds up. All of a sudden when the car goes killing a person and police officer getting Harish Uthaman into action, again screenplay wanders very loosely. Interval block when Nayan knows about the spirit element in car closes first half on below average mark.

Second half, Doss Ramaswamy kept the narrative riveted by opening the flashback and laced the emotional thread. Killing of Paani Puri second guy is dealt grippingly. Had the film managed similar tempo till the end, second half would have been with a hit content. Creating car’s shadow with a dog in VFX is mark of intelligence. Climax is again beaten to death and far more unimpressive. 

Finally, Dora is not a quality horror thriller or revenge action flick. Nayan’s presence is wasted big time. Director Doss Ramaswamy failed to deliver on screenplay and direction fronts. Except 20+ odd minutes in mid second half, Dora is clichéd. CJ goes with average 2.5 stars for Dora Review rating. Box Office verdict depends on Nayan’s public pulling star image in Telugu states.

Dora Review Tagline: Nowhere Close To Mayuri.

                                                          Dora Review Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                                           Dora Review by Srivaas