Ground Report: TDP Loyalists Wish Pawan Strengthening!

Fri 31st Mar 2017 05:51 PM

TDP's Supporters Wish Janasena Strengthening!

Pawan Kalyan the Janasena Chief
Pawan Kalyan the Janasena Chief

With each passing day, Janasena chief and Power Star Pawan Kalyan appeared to have been intensifying his rapport with the people to get the party's political base deep-rooted. According to the holistic view, everything appears fine with Janasena to be emerging as the best alternative force for 2019's battle of general polls. 

However, ground report on Pawan Kalyan's support to various agitations and protests was quite shocking. It is quite obvious, Janasena's supporters going great guns with Janasena's agitations. Strangely, TDP's loyalists and pro TDP's media houses are reportedly in a merriment with Pawan Kalyan's political activities. 

Various sections of public are still viewing that Janasena is the strong allied force for the ruling TDP. Pawan Kalyan's soft corner on TDP is said to have been the reason for people developing such perception on Janasena. Opposition parties usually resort to various demands on the ruling governments. Pawan Kalyan, however, requests the government to resolve various issues. 

Moreover, Pawan Kalyan's tweets and his speeches indirectly take a dig at flaws of opposition parties which in turn help the TDP government's better mileage. For an instance, while 'requesting' to do justice to the victims of 'Ananda Aqual Food Park', Pawan Kalyan recalled similar tragedy which happened in 2012 in the same factory. He further blamed no justice was done to those victims. As such, he slang mud on then Congress Government cleverly. 

"If at all Jansena gets strengthened, it will turn out to be a boon for the TDP's fate in 2019. Despite the party hadn't got its base developed in 2014, TDP swept the polls. Imagine if Janasena, gets its political base developed tremendously by 2019! TDP creates a storm in the poll battle. That's what we are hoping at the moment," says a TDP's activist, who appeared to have generalized the attitudes of TDP's loyalists right now. 

But then, some of the loyal fans of Power Star are intensely hoping that their hero would become a CM in 2019. If Pawan Kalyan keeps continuing the same strategy, how can he fulfill the wishes of his supporters? A million dollar question that strikes in many minds!