Young Lyricists Angry with Keeravani!

Fri 31st Mar 2017 04:04 PM

Young Lyricists and Thaman Angry on Keeravani!

Keeravani's Tweets
Keeravani's Tweets

Senior musician Keervani's shower of tweets on the day of pre release event of 'Baahubali 2' embroiled in huge controversy and are still haunting Tollywood's celebs. Especially, Keeravani's tweet that says after Veturi and Seetharama Shashtry, Tollywood's lyric is bed ridden, made young talented lyricists hurt to the core. They just made it a point on what parameters could Keeravani judge the standards of lyrics. Further, they said they are penning what current generation demands. 

On the other other hand, Keeravani's mockery on Thaman has also rubbed the wrong side of the young musician. Keeravani ridiculed Thaman for approaching his assistant Jeevan for taking him in his crew. 


But then, Keeravani too did the similar act when he was working under then top musician Ilayaraja. In spite of being worked as an assistant to Ilayaraja, Keeravani closely associated with Ram Gopal Varma, which paved the way for the former grabbing an opportunity for RGV's 'Kshana Kshanam'. Critics says, if at all Thaman had done anything wrong and so was Keeravani way back. Incidentally, Thaman approached Jeevan only after Keeravani's announcement on retirement.