PVP: Who Let The Dogs Out?

Tue 30th Jun 2020 08:50 AM

PVP Booked For Letting Dogs Loose On Police


YSRCP leader and film producer Potluri Vara Prasad is shocking all with his high handed acts. Police registered a case on PVP for stopping them from doing their duty.

Police went to PVP's house to arrest him regarding the fight over the property in Road No 14, Banjara Hills. However, police got a huge shock when PVP let loose his dogs on them and prevented them from doing their duty.


Police officials are expressing anger over PVP's actions. Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar will go to Banjara Hills Police Station to take stock of the situation.

It is known that PVP recently created ruckus in Hyderabad. He attacked and threatened the person who brought a Villa from him. He went along with 20 rowdies and destroyed the furniture in the house and threatened to kill him. The owner who got afraid lodged a complaint against him with Banjara Hills police station.Police arrested PVP and five others in the incident.

PVP built few constructions at Banjara Hills Road No 14 in the name of Prem Parvat Villas. A businessman Vikram Kailash brought a villa four months back from PVP and he planned to renovate it and started work. However, PVP threatened saying the construction is obstructing his house's elevation.