Hubby Reveals Love Story With Sridevi

Tue 30th Jun 2020 09:00 AM

Boney Kapoor, Sridevi Love Story

Boney Kapoor Sridevi Love Story
Boney Kapoor Sridevi Love Story

Even after years passed away following the tragic demise of actress Sridevi, people still rave about her eternal beauty. Movie lovers are swallowing the bitter pill by drawing solace looking Athiloka Sundari Sridevi in her daughters Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.

Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor never stops singing praises of his late wife and speaking to scribes once again he went nostalgic recollecting their love story. He said, “I always enjoy sharing these details with anyone. However, Sridevi do not like me revealing the secrets to everyone. I fell in love with Sridevi after watching her on screen for the first time. I watched Sridevi in a Tamil film in the 70s. At that time, I decided to do a film with her".


Boney continued, “I was planning to do a film with Rishi Kapoor. I went to Chennai to rope in Sridevi as the female lead in the film. However, since Sridevi was in Singapore, I couldn't meet her. Later I cast her in Mr India opposite my brother Anil Kapoor. I felt as if I realized my dream. She used to be very reserved and talk even less. She never used to mingle with outsiders. Since I am also an outsider she spoke with me very less. She spoke in broken Hindi and a few words in Hindi.”

Boney added, “Sridevi's mother used to think in a commercial manner. During that time Sridevi demanded a whopping Rs 10lakhs which was the highest payment. But I paid her a bit more Rs 11lakhs. This created a good impression on me with her mother. I used to take care of Sridevi as a precious one during the shooting. After marrying Sridevi, I revealed the same to my former wife. I used to take care of Sridevi's wellbeing in the shoots of other films also".