Devotees beeline to temple for Kartik Purnima

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Devotees beeline to temple for Kartik Purnima
Devotees beeline to temple for Kartik Purnima

Lakhs of Lord Shiva and Vishnu devotees on Sunday thronged temples to mark Kartik Purnima since early morning and observed it with devotion.

The devotees performed special pujas and rituals with utmost devotion after taking holy dip in sea and rivers across the state since early hours.


The Shiva temples—Srisailam, Srikalahasti, Vemulawada and Pancharamam were decorated with flowers and lights. Special arrangements were made to meet the huge rush of pilgrims.

The State Transport Corporation is running special bus services to meet the huge rush of pilgrims and devotees to all Shiva temples in the state.

Kartik Purnima, also known as Tripuri Poornima or Tripurari Purnima, is the Full Moon and auspicious day in Kartik month. The day marks the ending of Kartik month as per the calendars of North India but in other calendars it is the 15th day in Kartik maas. During Kartik Purnima, Dev Diwali, Deepotsavam and Ganga Mahotsav are observed by women devotees.

On Kartik Purnima, some people perform Tulsi Vishnu Vivah. It is observed on some other days – Bhodini Ekadasi or on Ksheerabdi Dwadashi. Kartik Poornima celebrations are associated with the legend of demon Tarakasur. Tarakasur was demolished by Lord kartik, also known as Skanda or Kumara.

Another legend associated with Kartik Poornima is of Lord Vishnu’s Matsyavatar. It is believed that on this day, Vishnu was incarnated in Matsya incarnation and protected Manu, the first man, from Maha Pralay (deluge).

Vanabhjanam, also known as Vanbhojan, is a garden party or picnic arranged during Kartika masam.

As per Hindu belief, plants are very divine aspects of the nature, hence some plants are worshipped as Gods. Tulasi (Ocimum), Usiri (Amla), Bilva and Durva plants are considered as Gods and useful material in Puja. Kartika Vana mahotsavam is arranged by some organisations just to chant mantras and to awake the spiritual consciousness in children.

There is a popular belief in Hindu mythology that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi along with all the Gods visit and reside under Amla tree and Tulsi plant during Kartik month.

During the occasion, people cook food under trees or in parks and eat. Offering puja to Lord Vishnu and other Gods, reciting Vishnu Purana and Kartika Purana during Vana mahotsavam is more preferred rituals.