Father-son duo crushing the heroine

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Father-son duo day in and night out with heroine

Father and son are using the heroine day and night
Father and son are using the heroine day and night

For a long, there has been a notion among people that the film and glamor industry is not a bed of roses. Even some experiences of aspiring actresses prove that right. Call it quid pro quo or casting couch everything exists in the industry and now a heroine exposed the father-son duo who are from an influential family.

This heroine entertained movie lovers with her performances and red hot glamor and beauty treat on and off the screen. Recently she started a youtube channel and in it she exposed many of the industry's Dark Secrets.


She said a father-son duo in the industry who holds significant influence pose as though they are the saints and give lectures about the morales and then made a shocking revelation that in reality, they are of the worst kind third-rate persons.

and She said that while the son crushes heroines throughout the day, the father crushes them throughout the night. She said unlike her many hot beauties got crushed by these father-son duo but none of them are coming forward for the fear of their influence and their career. Now speculation is on as to who could be that father-son duo in the industry.

Father-son duo crushing the heroine - CineJosh Updated on Fri 25th Nov 2022 05:37 PM IST
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