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Kerala Court Lifted Ban On Varaha Roopam

Kantara Varaha Roopam broke the shackles
Kantara Varaha Roopam broke the shackles

As we all know that Kantara's OTT version has a new version of Varaha Roopam played at the climax. This makes many disappointed as the original version that played in the theatres is perfect and enhanced the emotional experience while watching the film.

The reason for this is copyright case by Kerala band Thaikkudam Bridge on Kantara makers for copying their Navarasam tune for Varaha Roopam. Two Kerala courts imposed ban on using Varaha Roopam on streaming sites. 


Good news is that one of the two courts imposed restrictions to use the song has lifted the ban. The Kozhikode court lifted the interim injunction order against Varaha Roopam due to lack of jurisdiction.

But, the ban order from Palakkad court is yet to be lifted. If makers get similar verdict from this court also there is a possibility that the original Varaha Roopam will be added to the OTT version streaming in Amazon Prime.

Good News For Kantara OTT Viewers - CineJosh Updated on Fri 25th Nov 2022 06:36 PM IST
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