B-Town Boycotts Rhea?

Wed 24th Feb 2021 08:26 AM

Rhea’s Absence Conspicuous


Has Bollywood boycotted actress Rhea Chakraborty? Well, the poster from her upcoming film Chehre suggests so. The film is getting released on April 30 starring Amitabh Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi and others. However, the team which made the announcement through its poster didn’t see Rhea featuring in it.

Rhea’s absence was conspicuous and made netizens wonder why she is missing from the poster. In fact, the press note given by filmmaker Rumy Jaffery had the mention of all the stars except for Rhea. 


The same fraternity which promised to stood by Rhea when her name was dragged out in the mysterious death of her boyfriend and Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has now left the actress alone. Now looks like it was all foul cry and Bollywood has chosen to play safe by not mentioning and avoiding her pictures in film promotions.

In fact, filmmaker Rumy Jaffery who came in support of Rhea has now taken backseat,, He had back then said, “It has been a traumatic year for her. Of course the year was bad for everyone. But in her case it was a trauma on another level. Can you imagine any girl from a well-to-do middleclass family spending a month in jail? It has crushed her morale completely, he added, “Rhea will return to her work early next year.”

Check out tweeple reactions:

"For the uninitiated, this film stars #RheaChakraborty in a prominent role... If the makers have no qualms in casting her and are keen on defending her, why isn't she being shown in the posters?? In the age of social media, you simply can't chicken out, #Urduwood! #Chehre #Boycott"

"So now the producer is afraid to mention #RheaChakraborty during the promotional activities and postersWoman shruggingWoman shrugging #Chehre flop hone is khouf acha hai"

"With due respect to the lead actors of #Chehre, a single tweet from #RheaChakraborty is enough to create sensational press!! Hope good sense prevails and the producers involve her in the promotions also!!Crossed fingers"