How ANR Turned Dad For The 1st Time

Sun 05th Jul 2020 04:08 PM IST

ANR’s First Dad Role Was In Manchi Kutumbam

Manchi Kutumbam
Manchi Kutumbam

Shivaji Ganjeshan starrer Motor Sundaram Pillai produced on Gemini banner turned out to be a super hit in Tamil. P Mallikarjuna Rao planned to remake the film in Telugu with ANR in lead on Madhu Pictures banner.

However, ANR rejected the offer saying, “My fans will not accept to see me in the role of a middle-aged person and a father of two kids". At that time SS Vasan, owner of Gemini Pictures called ANR and told “I am coming to meet you".

ANR told, “You are elder to me. Why are you taking the trouble to come and meet me? I will come". But Vasan came to Hyderabad and said, “This film is like my child. I like it a lot. Do not think that there is no glamor in the role. After the passage of time, you have to do middle-aged roles. If you do now, everyone will love it”.

ANR agreed with his words and finally did Manchi Kutumbam. The film turned out to be a hit. Though Vasan was not the producer for the Telugu version since he loved the film, he took pains to convince ANR. How many producers are like that nowadays?

How ANR Turned Dad For The 1st Time - CineJosh Updated on Sun 05th Jul 2020 04:08 PM IST
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