Telugu Stars Take It Easy Policy

Sun 05th Jul 2020 01:18 PM

Stars unaffected with the hits or flops

Tollywood Stars
Tollywood Stars

In any profession, positives and negatives happen and failures and successes are part and parcel of life. The same is the case with the Film Industry and top stars say they are unaffected with the hits and flops and are adopting take it easy policy.

NTR says, “In my view, each film is a great journey. Sometimes the journey for a film would be good but the result will be different. Sometimes the journey for a film wouldn't be good but the result would be good. That is why for me, more than the film's result, the journey gives me kick. These journeys taught me a lot of lessons. I never expected to do a story like Temper. Naannaku Prematho are Jai Lava Kusa are not my type of stories. But these experiments worked out. I need the shocking value that NTR could do such films? I am waiting for that".


Sai Tej says, “Each film gives one experience. I do each film with a passion. But at times despite hard work, we do not get the desired result. I take responsibility for my failures just like how a captain takes responsibility for cricket. In films, the hero is like that. Each of my failures taught me a new lesson. It taught me how to make a decision after thinking carefully".

Ram says, “We work hard equally for each film. But every time we do not get the desired result. Jagadam, Endukante Premanta results troubled me. This is because I loved these two films a lot. A flop is a wakeup call".

Nani says, “In my view, there is no meaning for success. Even if one film flops after ten hits, people say Nani is in trouble. At one time I got flops in the form of Jenda Pai Kapi Raju, Paisa, Aha Kalyanam. Later I did not have any film for two years. However, I did not undergo stress. I select stories that come to me without bothering about the success rate. This is getting good results for me".

Ravi Teja says, “If a film becomes a hit, everyone is happy. We should take it only to that extent. We shouldn't go overboard. In flop, one shouldn't be dejected. We should think about what next. I do the same. If the result is different, the effect will be there in the mind. However, we shouldn't take it seriously. I am always like that. I expect everyone to be like that".

Varun Tej says, “More than victory, defeat teaches great lessons in life. Antariksham's result taught me that. Budget constraints troubled me. I understood it, while I was doing the film. I kept the spacesuit I used in the film in my office room. When I listen to new stories, I once have a glance at the suit so that I remember my mistakes".

Venkatesh says, “Life and films have three stages. One should work first and then without thinking about the result, we should come out of it. Lastly acceptance. Whatever may be the result, we should tune the mind to accept it whether it is good or bad. If we are not prepared it is very difficult. If we get an utter flop, we get fear that 'we are finished' or if we get sudden it 'we feel no one can beat us'. Both are not good. So when a film is in the final stage, I come out of it psychologically. That is the reason, so many hits, and flops did not change me".