Heroines Facing Other Kind Of Problems In Lockdown

Mon 29th Jun 2020 10:21 AM

Telugu Heroines, Tv Actresses Facing These Problems


Almost all people whether they are celebrities or commoners are facing severe problems due to lockdown imposed to tackle coronavirus spread. While some of their problems are genuine, some look petty. It is coming out that beautiful Heroines are facing other kinds of problems during the lockdown.
It is known that all the gyms have been closed during lockdown and Heroines who did not have gyms at their houses are facing extreme problems in maintaining their slim structure and diet. With no gyms and personal trainers available most of them are gaining weight which is worrying all of them.
Though few Heroines are practicing yoga, many of them are facing weight issues. TV celebrities are facing more problems regarding this. They are desperately praying that before the start of the film shootings, gyms should open so that they can regain their shape and get ready for the regular shoot.