Eega Gave Heart Attack To Rajamouli

Sun 28th Jun 2020 10:30 AM

When Eega Troubled Rajamouli

Rajamouli Eega
Rajamouli Eega

Ace director SS Rajamouli created a sensation with a film on a fly named Eega. The film left all stunned as he showed fly like a hero instead of any actor. Everyone showered praises on Rajamouli's creative genius.

Making a film with fly as a hero had turned out to be extremely difficult for Rajamouli. Flies troubled him a lot but it also taught him the intricacies and inside out of graphics and CG work. While showing the fly-in animation is one thing, getting the right kind of expressions in a realistic manner is another thing. Rajamouli and his team worked hard to balance both.

Rajamouli planned to complete Eega under Rs 10crs budget. But everything got evaporated only for Eega graphics. Makuta first created the graphic version of Eega and showed it to Rajamouli, he got the shock of his life. It did not look like the fly. He even planned to set aside the project. But with already Rs 8crs spent on it, he decided to take it forward.

He came up with a plan and started getting real flies and captured their actions in videos. To capture the fly completely he used a special lens. As flies are flying when he was taking live photos, he kept them in a fridge and when they went in the unconscious stage, he captured their snaps. But Rajamouli faced another problem as to how to get the emotions.

In a fly, it has very few muscles in the face. The entire face has eyes. So it is difficult to get expressions. Rajamouli used his creativity. As Nani took rebirth as Eega, Eega's expressions should be similar to Nani and his body language. So Rajamouli asked Nani to show expressions after covering his entire head. He gave all these captured expressions to the Animation team and got the desired expressions in Eega.