Pawan's Demand: YCP Kapu Leaders Trolled Severely

Sun 28th Jun 2020 09:01 AM

YCP Kapu Leaders Trolled Severely for Criticizing Pawan

Pawan Kapu Demand: YCP Kapu Leaders Trolled Severely
Pawan Kapu Demand: YCP Kapu Leaders Trolled Severely
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Apparently, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan hit the right chords of the ruling party of AP which created a huge stir among YCP's Kapu leaders while they were severely trolled by netizens and Whatsapp users. 

It's known news that Pawan Kalyan demanded the YCP government to release a white paper on the expenditure of Kapu Corporation funds. Further, he turned skeptical that just 2.5 lakh Kapus were benefited by YCP's scheme. 

YCP Kapu leaders like Kurasala Kannababu and Ambati Rambabu breathed fire on Pawan Kalyan. Sadly, their reaction turned into a complete misfire. They are being trolled intensely through Whatsapp groups and social media. Checkout some of those trolls. 

* If you are that honest and if you have stuck to Kapus welfare, why hadn't you supported Megastar Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan when they floated political parties?

* Why have you never protested for Kapu reservations in YCP's government? Do you wish to enjoy power dumping the demands of Kapus?

* Mr Kannababu! Once you were an ordinary journo but emerged as a staunch close aide of Chiranjeevi. Haven't you ashamed of backstabbing mega heroes with your accuses?

* Ambati Rambabu is a political comedian. He can vocalize 'Chilaka Palukulu' but then, hardly had he done anything for Kapus welfare.

* Mudragada is an egoistic old politician who usually forces Kapus for various movements for selfish gains. 

* It's also learnt that some leaders were compared to barking dogs in the form of pictorial arts.

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