Mahesh About Rajamouli Film

Mon 01st Jun 2020 11:44 AM

Mahesh shares Namrata and Gautam's secrets

Mahesh shares Namrata and Gautam's secrets
Mahesh shares Namrata and Gautam's secrets
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Mahesh Babu on his dad Super Star Krishna's birthday delighted all his fans by interacting with them. He in the process shared many of his personal and professional secrets and also about his wife Namrata and children Gautam and Sitara.

On Sarkari Vaari Paata:

It is a good entertainer with a powerful message. I am very excited about it.

About dad Krishna:

It is very hard to describe him in one word

Whom do you like the most-Gautam or Sitara?

Both are part of me. How can I love one person less than others?

Will Gautam become a hero in the future?

As far as my knowledge, even he is interested. Time will decide everything.

How do you spend your free time?

Reading. Watch more films. Swimming. Play with my children and pet dogs.

Your pet name and your pet dogs names

My pet name is Nani. My dos are named as Nobita, Pluto

Who is your favorite cricketer? Which format you like -T20 or Tests

I like tests. My favorite players are Dhoni and Virat Kohli and my all-time favorite Sachin Tendulkar

What the secret behind  your handsome looks?

I strive hard to be healthy. That is my secret

Who is your inspiration?

My Father

Your Best Friend


Do you have a crush on anyone?

At the age of 26, I used to have. Now I married the same girl.

A secret about yourself?

It is a secret. How can I tell?

Will you do a film with Puri Jagannath in future?

Definitely. He is one of my favorite directors. I am waiting that he will come and narrate a story

When is your film with Rajamouli?

It will be there. I am waiting for it eagerly.

How do you wish to be remembered?

As a great actor. Wonderful father to my children and great husband to my wife.

Which dish you prepare for your kids as an expert?

Maggie Noodles

What is your favorite Junk Food? Which among Coffee and Tea

Among junk food Burger and Pizza. I am a coffee person.

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