Krishna, the Legend, Completes 55 with This Film

Tue 31st Mar 2020 01:59 PM

Krishna's Debut Film Thene Manasulu Completes 55 Years

Krishna's Thene Manasulu Completes 55 Years
Krishna's Thene Manasulu Completes 55 Years
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Until his entry, Tollywood scared of experimenting with technology. Until his entry, Telugu people didn't know much about James Bond, spy thrillers and cowboy films. Yes, you caught it. We are talking about Superstar Krishna, the pioneer of films of aforesaid genres. Krishna is one of the all time top mass heroes of Tollywood. 

This legendary hero completed 55 years of his debut as a hero with 'Thene Manasulu'. The film was released on 31st of March, 1965. In fact, it was an unbelievable experiment done by then top director Adurthi Subbarao, who introduced all new actors in the film. That's why, we see in the title cards, 'Thaaralu andaroo koththa varalu', instead of their names. 

Krishna, Ram Mohan, Sukanya and Sandhya Rani are the lead star cast of the film. Initially, it was predicted by then movie critics Ram Mohan would become a top hero and Krishna would be faded out shortly. Ram Mohan appeared more handsome for movie buffs then. But then, within no time, Superstar's spark and his grace in performance were elevated. Throwing all the predictions of then critics into trash bins, Krishna emerged top hero and ruled Tollywood as one of the top heroes in the subsequent decades. 

Krishna's fans can't forget their favourite hero's innocense mixed performance in Thene Manasulu. 'Evamma ninnenammaa ela vunnaavoo', '1,2,3,4 mastaaroo drill mastaroo oka vudyogam isthaanu chesthaara' are the best songs shot on Krishna and Sukanya.

Not many people know the fact that, even before the release of Thene Manasulu, Krishna was seen in very crisp roles in Kulagothralu and Padandi Munduku. Krishna played villain role in just one film titled 'Private Master'. 

"My All Time Favourite, Timeless Classic #TeneManasulu," Prince Mahesh Babu posted in his Instagram.

Best wishes to Superstar Krishna garu for successful completion of 55 glorious years as a hero.

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