25 Crore to Rapaka! 1 Crore to Raju Raviteja?

Sun 15th Dec 2019 12:07 AM

Rapaka and Raju Raviteja to Nod for a Big Deal?

Rapaka and Raju Raviteja to Sign a Big
Rapaka and Raju Raviteja to Sign a Big

If at all inside reports are anything to go by, a powerful political party of AP state offered Rs.25 crores to Janasena MLA Rapaka and Rs.5 crore to Janasena polit bureau member Raju Raviteja. 

It's a known thing that Rapaka and Raju Raviteja embroiled a controversy by publicly criticizing Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan. 


Reportedly, the most powerful party was threatened by Pawan Kalyan's aggressive approach in AP politics. As such, the party decided to dishearten Janasena top brass letting the parties leaders being walked out of the party. 

Initially, Rapaka is buzzed to have been immensely mesmerized by powerful party's deal. He wished to defect Janasena and join that party. But then, Pawan Kalyan was succeeded in stopping Rapaka explaining him how the most powerful party would face a huge threat in near future. 

Raju Raviteja, who once took Rs.1.5 lakh from Janasena chief for his physical ailment, has betrayed Pawan Kalyan and is readying to join the most powerful party. It remains to be seen how well these gossips are proved right.