Why Pawan Attacking That Group?

Sun 08th Dec 2019 11:16 PM

Is Pawan Kalyan Attacking That Group?

Pawan Kalyan Attacks That Group?
Pawan Kalyan Attacks That Group?

Having gone through Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan's current political strategies, political analysts have made it clear that the Janasena chief is intentionally attacking one particular group for a great cause. 

In fact, AP politics have been dominated by two particular groups for trhe past few decades. One particular group's top leaders recently faced a humiliating defeat. Obviously, another group is dominating the fray. 

Janasena chief is learnt to have heard from his party's activists that the stories of rowdyism, illegal money lending and real estate businesses of current dominating group. "Not all, but some people of that group exhibit aforesaid bad qualities and Pawan Kalyan targets only those people," says an insider. 

"Pawan Kalyan has taken up Preeti's issue to seek justice to her parents. All the three criminals who were said to be responsible for the assault and murder of Preeti belonged to the above mentioned group. That's why they managed even police and escape from cases. Power Star is agitating not only for the justice of Preeti's family members, but also wants severe punishment for the criminals," says an observer.