Pawan Raises Typical Issue! YCP in Trouble

Sun 08th Dec 2019 07:52 PM

Pawan Takes up Typical Issue! YCP in Deep Trouble

Pawan Kalyan Raises Preeti's Issue
Pawan Kalyan Raises Preeti's Issue

Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan has taken up a typical issue which has been paid blind eye and deaf ear by all others, as of now. A 14-year old girl, Sugali Preeti Bhai was alleged to have been molested and murdered by a gang of three persons and they allegedly throttled her to death and depicted that she had hanged to ceiling. The incident occurred on August 18, 2017. 

Sugali Preeti was studying class 10 at C****** then. It was alleged that the school's correspondent and his two sons brutally assaulted and murdered her. From then on Preeti's mother Parvathi Devi and father Sugali Raju have been fighting for justice. 

But then, all their attempts seeking justice went in vain. There was no SC/ST atrocity case against the accused nor any charge-sheet filed against them. Preeti's mother wants death sentence of the accused and school's recognition's cancellation. 

In the meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan met Preeti's mother on Sunday and assured her that he would fight for justice to the family. Within no time, he issued a warning to YSRCP government to raise the issue in assembly sessions. He also demanded Kodali Nani brothers to fight for justice to Preeti's family. If the YSRCP government doesn't respond to Janasena's demand, Pawan Kalyan warned YCP that he would stage protest in the city of Kurnool in January. It seems Preeti's death issue will be discussed extensively with Pawan Kalyan treated it as a serious issue. Preeti's parents are hoped to get justice this time.