Drowning Films In The Name Of Novelty

Sat 07th Dec 2019 05:42 PM

Tollywood Failing With New Ideas On Promotions

Tollywood Failing With New Ideas On Promotions
Tollywood Failing With New Ideas On Promotions

People often get fascinated with new ideas. Of late Tollywood is witnessing unique promotions of the films. Earlier the makers got their film posters pasted on any walls. But now they do not have that option as the administration decided to levy heavy fines.

Though print media promotions have been going on for quite some time, of late social media and TV promotions are picking up pace. Telugu filmmakers are surprising all with their own creative ideas in the name of promotions.


However many are left wondering whether such promotions will help the makers in any manner. Recently filmmakers screened their film's first show on the release day free for everyone. Many who got attracted to that offer watched the first show. But none were seen from the next show in the theatres. Some say this is better than a film getting released without viewers knowing the release date. Had the film got strong content, the film would have done well.

Recently Madhanam team came with another idea. They first released their film in USA and later release in the two Telugu states. However, they are forgetting the fact that there is no Telugu film that bought profits to the makers. Even top stars films are not getting publicity costs and under these circumstances, it is extremely difficult for a small film to find takers in USA.

Experts and industry biggies say small filmmakers are killing their own films in the name of creative ideas.