Sr Actress Hand In Prostitution Racket

Sat 07th Dec 2019 04:05 PM

Prostitution rackets going unabated in Tollywood

Prostitution rackets going unabated in Tollywood
Prostitution rackets going unabated in Tollywood

Many get attracted to all the stardom, glitz and glitter associated with the Film Industry. But innocent people get cheated very easily as they tend to believe all and sundry in their dreams to attain stardom. Those who get cheated include not only girls but also boys.

Many young girls aspire to attain stardom entering the film industry. Thugs lure them in the name of offers and force them into the dark web of Prostitution. What is shocking all is there are few senior actresses in it.

Few senior serial actresses got caught running a Prostitution racket. Even then the Prostitution mafia with its power is ruling the Tollywood. Since most of them belong to the film industry, girls believe them easily and they, in turn, are playing with the lives of these innocents.

Intense discussions are going on in Film Nagar that a senior actress hand is there in the powerful Prostitution racket. Inside talk is she lures innocent girls in the name of offers into Prostitution racket and police placed her on their radar. Tollywood is getting shocked that many innocent girls turned prostitutes believing this senior heroine.

She who earlier used to share screen presence with a senior comedian, of late stopped getting offers and for the past five years is indulging in this shocking Prostitution racket. Even now she is having ten beautiful girls all below 20 years. She brought them to Hyderabad promising crazy offers opposite top stars.

One of the girls grew suspicious and she called her dad and this exposed the entire racket when the girl's father realizing that his daughter got cheated went to the senior heroine's house and created a scene.

Shocking facts are coming out that many innocent girls fell in her trap and once they were into her Prostitution racket, it became extremely difficult to come out of them. All eyes are on when cops bust this racket and how Tollywood reacts to it. Will Tollywood wash off its hands just like it did in MeToo controversy?