TDP & JSP Anti EM Agitation Turns a Disaster

Mon 18th Nov 2019 10:24 PM

TDP & Janasena Anti EM Agitation Turns a Disaster

TDP and JSP Anti EM Protest a Disaster
TDP and JSP Anti EM Protest a Disaster

Tdp and Janasena parties' anti English medium agitation has turned a huge disaster in Andhra Pradesh. As is known, the ruling YSRCP has released a G.O.No.81 that paves way for the conversion of all primary and high schools up to class six into English medium. 

Nevertheless, Tdp and Janasena parties have made lot of fuss ever since the crucial decision was taken by the government. But then, the uproar of both the opposition parties received laklustre response. Following are said to be the indications of the disaster result of anti EM agitation of opposition parties. 


* There is no agitation from people. Only political leaders have made it an issue for their political gains. But then, their protests went in vain with the disapproval of their agitation by the people.

* As usually, caste biased Tdp, a raja guruvu's media, CBN Chandrajyothi and other caste biased media houses are raising their voices against EM. But then, people turned too smart enough for making out their conspiracies.

* The government formed committees for writing textbooks and is letting only EM books are printed avoiding TM books. This gesture of the government indicates they have overwhelmed with the responses of people on EM schools. Government's internals surveys on the issue have come into their favour.

OPPOSITION PARTIES BECOME LOSERS OF ETHICS: Having resorted to merely useless agitation, opposition parties proved themselves they have no ethics and moral principles. They must have understood the fact that government schools would have been disappeared had no EM schools been run.