VN, CBN, PK , Ramoji, RK Should Fight on It

Sun 17th Nov 2019 08:32 AM

VN, CBN, PK , Ramoji Should Fight for TM in Private Schools

Venkaiah,Pawan, CBN, Ramoji Should Fight for It
Venkaiah,Pawan, CBN, Ramoji Should Fight for It

Having gone through the hue and cry of vice president Venkaiah Naidu, TDP's chief Chandrababu Naidu, Janasena president Power Star Pawan Kalyan, newspapers' heads Ramoji Rao and ABN Radhakrishna, anandha bhashpalu (happy tears) are getting oozed out for their great respect on Telugu medium in government schools. Undoubtedly, they initiated a historical fight against EM in government schools. And now, all the people of AP are requesting (may also read it as a demand) these stalwarts to fight for Telugu medium in private schools. Also, people are giving following advice to the above eminent personalities to ensure their agitation is a grand success.

* All the aforesaid bigwigs should join their kids and grandchildren in only Telugu medium schools.

* A strong movement against EM in private schools should be launched.

* CBN should expel former minister and owner of educational institutions Narayana with immediate effect to pave way for his strong protest on TM in private schools.

* Pawan Kalyan should join all his children in a government school of Telangana state in Telugu medium only.

* Venkaiah Naidu should immediately change his Akshara Vidyalaya at Venkatachalam as a TM school. He should establish more of such TM schools across AP.

* Ramoji and RK who are gossiped to have been the owners of thousands of crore properties should establish international TM schools across AP and should prove their adulation on Telugu.

* All these biggies should also fight for TM in Intermediate, B.Tech, MBBS, MBA, CA and all other degree and PG courses. They should get the inspiration from China, Germany and many other countries which offer education in their mother tongue from KG to PG.

BOTTOM-LINE: If at all above big heads take all the above crucial points to their hearts and should sincerely work on them, they are hailed as the true saviours of the TM.