Bus Tickets Row: BJP Slams YSRCP

Fri 23rd Aug 2019 08:29 PM

Bus Tickets Christian Yatra Ad Row: BJP Slams YSRCP

BJP Slams YSRCP on Bus Ticket Controversy
BJP Slams YSRCP on Bus Ticket Controversy

Tirumala bus tickets row has now stirred up a huge controversy and has been given a wider coverage by national media. As is known, 'Jerusalem pilgrimage' ad was printed on the back of Tirupati to Tirumala bus tickets. 

Having seen Jerusalem yatra ad on Tirumala bus ticket, a pilgrim complained to RTC higher authorities. Eventually, the news has gone viral on net. 

In the meanwhile, Bjp is alleging that the ruling YSRCP is the reason for recent incidents in AP which were intended to promote one particular religion. 

"Death of 100 cows. Allocation of shops to people of other religion at a Hindu worship place, Srisailam, Now,promoting Trip to Jerusalem for Christian on Bus route to Tirupati is insult to people of Andhra & Lord Balaji, Such Malafide acts happening knowingly? @jagan @VSReddy_MP," AP Bjp chief Kanna Lakshmi Narayana tweeted. 

"Advt of ‘Jerusalem yatra for Christians’ on Tirumala Bus ticket by AP govt is Unnecessary,Unacceptable, Communal & Insult to Lord Balaji. Is the new slogan of YSRCP Ravali Jesu, Kavali Jesu’? If this continues,AP people will cut a permanent family tic for Jagan to Jerusalem.  Before election, YSRCP slogan was 'Kavali Jagan,Ravali Jagan', ('Andhra needs Jagan, wants Jagan' ) But Now, Is this their new Slogan- Ravali Jesus, Kavali Jesus? Promoting one particular religion on bus ticket to Tirupati is highly objectionable. This must come to an end," tweeted Bjp's AP in-charge Sunil Deodhar. 

YSRCP's MLA, Penrni Nani, however, made it clear that ticket roll was supplied to Tirumala RTC bus conductor mistakenly by an official.