Gossip Media Foolish Lies on Pawan at TANA

Thu 18th Jul 2019 08:46 AM

Gossip Media's Cooked up Story on Pawan Busted

Gossip Media's Cooked up Story on Pawan Kalyan Busted
Gossip Media's Cooked up Story on Pawan Kalyan Busted
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Anti incumbency for the previous TDP government was started only after a year of the party assuming power. However, much to the embarrassment of pro YSRCP media, anti incumbency kick-started after a month of YSRCP got into power. 

As a result, an online gossip media house desperately started slinging mud on opposition leaders like Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan and TDP's chief CBN. 

As we all know, the Janasena president graced Telugu Association of North America (TANA) event and gave an awe-inspiring speech recently. The event, which was held in Washington DC, was attended by 12000 invitees. There was an overwhelming response from them on Pawan Kalyan's speech. 

When the news of Pawan Kalyan attending to TANA event was out, aforesaid gossip media gave a wicked advice to Janasena head not to attend the event as the TANA is dominated by a particular caste people. And then, when the news was confirmed that Pawan Kalyan would be attending for TANA event, the gossip media wrote another article in which it said Pawan Kalyan was forced by CBN to get the event attended. 

Since Pawan Kalyan's speech received humongous response at the venue, the jealous media was unable to digest the fact. As such, it stooped to extremely low levels alleging that Power Star was paid US dollars 50000. 

Shocked by the gossip media's cooked up story, TANA organisers dismissed all the allegations of the media and made it clear that they hadn't paid a single penny to Pawan Kalyan. "We just provided him a to and fro air ticket which is our common practice to all he dignitaries," they proclaimed. 

As its cooked up story is utterly misfired , the gossip media is searching for a place where its head is kept hidden.

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