Puri iSmartly Steals The Story!

Wed 10th Jul 2019 11:29 AM

iSmart Shankar Story Copy Allegations

iSmart Shankar
ISmart Shankar
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Director Puri Jagannath’s latest flick Ismart Shankar is all set for grand release on 18th of this month. The film’s theatrical trailer released recently to good response from masses. Ram went for a makeover for the film and he apparently have worked hard on his body language, slang and dialogue delivery for the role.

Just ahead of the film’s release, director Puri Jagannath is facing copy allegations. A young writer Mohan Bharadwaj who penned screenplay for Sneha Geetham and Dongata lodged a complaint with Telugu Cinema Writers Association claiming Puri copied his story.

It is learnt that, the young writer dreaming to become a director penned the story almost four years ago. He is said to have approached stars like Adivi Sesh and Raviteja with the story. Although both have liked the story, they didn’t dare to give him the direction. He, on the other hand, refused to offer them the story.

Apparently, Mohan Bharadwaj is shocked after seeing trailer of Ismart Shankar which has similarities with his story. Actually, the young writer is said to have prepared the story taking inspiration from an English novel.

What will Puri say about this?

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