Mudragada Cunning Letter Against Janasena

Tue 09th Jul 2019 07:57 PM

Mudragada's Cunning Letter to YS Jagan Against Janasena

Mudragada's Cunning Letter to YS Jagan on JSP
Mudragada's Cunning Letter to YS Jagan on JSP
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Mudragada Padmanabham is considered to be Kapu's pathfinder by some of his staunch loyalists and some media houses. But then, most of the people, especially, the detractors of Mudragada are of the opinion that he has been the Kapu betrayer. 

According to his detractors, Mudragada made well use of his caste card and always gained personal benefits. Moreover, he even resorted to agitations for his personal needs such power cuts in house and vice versa. 

As Power Star Pawan Kalyan floated Janasena and vigorously campaigned for party's victory in electoral battle, 2019, it was envisaged by everyone that Mudragada would join the party. But then, Mudragada stayed away from politics directly thus paved the way for YSRCP's victory. 

In the meanwhile, Mudragada wrote an open letter to AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Tuesday. He demanded the CM to implement 5% EWS reservations to Kapus which were actually promised by the previous TDP government but ignored at implementation. 

In his lengthy letter, Mudragada recalled how his family was molested by AP cops during TDP's government. 

Though Mudragada appeared to be a good Samaritan in demanding the YSRCP government to get EWS reserlvations for Kapus are implemented, his cunning nature was disclosed calling Janasena as a 'Kapu Caste Party'. In fact, Pawan Kalyan would always proclaim that Janasena would be linking castes. Moreover, Pawan Kalyan didn't allow casteist Kapus into his party. 

"Had Mudragada really felt Janasena a caste party, why hadn't he joined Janasena to ensure the party assumed power?," He is not a Kapu leader but a betrayer. His cunning letter to YS Jagan is one of the strategies of YS Jagan to demean Janasena party. There are no believers to such cheap acts of Mudragada and Jagan," say many Kapus.

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