Chinmayi & Sam to Attend This Workshop!

Tue 09th Jul 2019 07:09 PM

Chinmayi & Samantha to Attend This Workshop!

Chinmayi and Samantha to Attend a Workshop!
Chinmayi and Samantha to Attend a Workshop!
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A group of wise people have decided to conduct a workshop on large scale and they want to invite singer Chinmayi and actress Samantha. They framed certain points which are expected to be brainstormed by Samantha, Chinmayi and other invitees. Finally, all the invitees should take a resolution not to practice following points. If at all they had already practised some of the points in the agenda before, they should make confessions and should never indulge in such bad acts. Checkout the agenda items.

* Gender equality (only females)

* Non-violent communication (only male)

* Anti bullying (only male)

* How to be a pseudo feminist 

* How to get public attention with cheap acts 

* How to ruin the respect of being woman

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