No NTR in Ramudu Bheemudu!

Tue 09th Jul 2019 03:43 PM

Satyanarayana Was NTR Dupe In Ramudu Bheemudu

Ramudu Bheemudu
Ramudu Bheemudu
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Movie lovers get super excited when stars thrill them in dual roles. Almost all the actors one or the other time thrilled their fans with dual roles. Now a days, with graphics and VFXs, one can create numerous replicas of stars.

In the olden days, makers used camera tricks and split technology for dual roles. However when the two roles should appear on screen at the same time, they used to mask one role and complete the scenes with dupes in long shots. Sometimes, fans could easily find out that those appeared in those scenes were not their heroes.

Similar situation happened in Ramudu Bheemudu in 1964. NTR played dual role for the first time in this film. D Ramanaidu produced the film on Suresh Productions. Though NTR dual roles met at times in some scenes in the film, in the climax both the roles should be seen on screen.

However NTR was extremely busy and unable to give the call sheets. Ramanaidu desperately needs his dates as he already announced the release date. With great difficulty, NTR promised to squeeze in half a day call sheet.

In the climax scene where Ramudu and Bheemudu meet, though NTR was seen on screen, in another role Satyanarayana was there. Though it was a long shot, people could recognize Satyanarayana.

When asked why it happened, Ramanaidu once informed, “Ramarao gave only half a day call sheet. For dual roles, in split technique, one should shoot with a mask, change the getup which takes lot of time. It was difficult to complete the scene even in a single day. What else one can do? Under this helpless situation, since Satyanarayana resembles NTR at times, we asked him for the long shoot. But as everyone knows Satyanarayana, people easily recognized him. We had to do this due to time constraint."

But this didn’t act in a negative manner as the film turned out to be a blockbuster.

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