Nag Making Chiru And Others Insecure

Sat 15th Jun 2019 04:33 PM

Manmadhudu 2: Nagarjuna's kissing acts talk of the town

Manmadhudu 2
Manmadhudu 2

King Nagarjuna is known for his handsome looks and charming personality. He leaves everyone surprised with his fit physique and looks even at the age of 60. His young looks stun all and many feel he looks like the elder brother of not only his sons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil but also many young heroes. 

Nag is now starring in Manmadhudu 2, touted to be the sequel for his blocbuster film Manmadhudu. He is romancing Rakul Preet Singh while hotties Keerthy Suresh and Akshara Gowda are doing special roles. Even his daughter in law Samantha is doing a cameo in the film. 


The film's teaser was recently released and everyone got surprised seeing Nagarjuna going on a kissing spree with his heroines. Many feel with teaser itself having so many kisses and liplocks, Manmadhudu 2 will have many more on screen. 

Nag in his career never crossed the thin red line regarding intimate scenes and liplocks and people are left wondering why he did so now. Nag feels he shouldn't follow the trend and should create a new trend and overtake younger generation heroes who are going on a kissing spree.

While Akkineni fans are over joyed with their every handsome hero kissing hot beauties, analysts feel his actions will leave seniors insecure. Of late Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh and Balakrishna are doing roles suited for their age and following Nagarjuna's kissing actions, fans will pressurise Chiru, Venky and Bala too to turn bolder. 

But while Nag has got the looks and the physique, other stars donot have them and this will definitely make them insecure. Wonder what's going on in Chiru, Venky and Balakrishna's minds over King's kissing acts.