Nuvvu Odipovadam Entayya!?

Sat 15th Jun 2019 04:17 PM

Chandrababu! Nuvvu Odipovadam Entayya?

Chandrababu Naidu
Chandrababu Naidu
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Ever since TDP tasted a debacle in the general elections, an interesting odarpu yatra was noticed in TDP office. Everyday, some people are thronging to TDP office, Amaravati and are consoling TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu with the words 'Nuvvu Odipovadam entayya!?' And then, CBN Chandrajyothi is publishing the news in a heart touching manner. TDP activists are consoling CBN with following words. 

* Your publicity mania led to the death of 30 pilgrims in Godavari pushkaralu stampede and you wasted thousands of crores money for Krishna and Godavari pushkaralu...Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* You along with yellow batch went to Delhi through special flights and AC trains and did 5 star deeksha. You wasted Rs.25 crores money..... Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* Like never ever in the history of the world, you indulged in fake deekshalu spending Rs.500 crores....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* You proclaimed sand was for free. Afterwards, you silently issued orders to yellow batch to collect Rs.15000 tax per lorry from the people....Nuvv odipovadam entayya?

* You used Himalayan water bottle costs Rs.650. Even president also never used it...Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* Union government sanctioned Rs.28000 crores for Anandthapur-Amaravati Express. However, you ignored it aiming at the development of just Krishna and Guntur districts...Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* Rs.18000 crores corruption was done under 'Neeru Chettu'....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* You renamed 23 union government schemes with your name/NTR name....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* Your zero budget agriculture costed Rs.250 crore and rain gun sprinklers costed Rs.100 crores without purpose....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* You wasted Rs.450 crores in a single day under 'Bejawada Air Show'....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* A luxury bus was purchased for you for Rs.5 crores and you hardly travelled in it for five times....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* Union government sent Rs.150 crores to construct super speciality hospital in Vijayawada. But then, you ignored it for the smooth go of TDP casteists hospitals...Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* You expended Rs.1000 crores for your Delhi, Singapore and Malaysia tours....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya?

* Rs.18 lakhs for Badam Pista were spent during your useless conferences....Nuvvu odipovadam entayya? (satire)

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