Did She Really Understand What Hero Said?

Wed 24th Apr 2019 09:48 AM

Nidhi Agerwal Reacts To Ram Comments

Ram Nidhi Agerwal
Ram Nidhi Agerwal

A total of 9 lakh students had appeared in the intermediate exams. The results, announced last Thursday, came as a shocker to thousands of students as large scale goofs-up were detected in the marks lists. At least 16 Intermediate students committed suicide in different parts of the state in the last four days unable to bear the shock of their failure in the examination.

Many brilliant students who did well in the first year failed in the second year. The parents alleged blunder in the paper valuation and demanded a thorough re-verification of the papers of those who had failed.


The state government on Monday ordered an inquiry into the alleged lapses in the system deployed by Globarena Technologies, whose services were hired by TBIE to conduct the exams.

Meanwhile, young hero Ram who is presently doing iSmart Shankar in Puri Jagannadh’s direction has reacted on the matter saying, “INTER RESULTS ey jeevitham anukuney na thammullaki, chellillaki..meeru jeevitham lo avvaboyedhaniki..cheyaboyedhaniki, idhi oka aa*** tho samanam...dayachesi lite thesukondi.. Itlu, Inter kuda poorthicheyani me.. -R.A.P.O. #InterBoardMurders”

Nidhi Agerwal, one of the heroines of iSmart Shankar, replying to Ram’s statement stated, “Massssssssss.”

Nidhi has now become a target for trolls. “Nuvvu telugu eppudu neyrchukunnav @AgerwalNidhhi,” asked  netizen. “issue ni cinema publicity ki vadukunattundi. maasss kaadhu cheeeap,” doubted another person.

Here are some other reactions to Nidhi’s Mass reply:

* Ram ee Petti Untadu Comment

* it took 1 hour for me to decode a*** in that tweet... How did you get to understand straight away.

* asala eeme ki artham ayyindha matter ento.