Janasena SM 10 Times Bigger Than TDP, YCP

Tue 29th Jan 2019 07:16 AM

JSP Social Media Strength 10 Times Bigger Than TDP, YCP

Janasena Bigger Than TDP, YSRCP in Social Media
Janasena Bigger Than TDP, YSRCP in Social Media

Once upon a time AP's politics were influenced by caste biased news channels and newspapers. Even then, they got mixed results and that forms a different story. As we all know, social media has now taken a cue from traditional news channels and newspaper and is dominating them. 

Now that most of the netizens ensure transparency in social media,  it completely dominated the traditional media. Social media has got an ultimate victory recently in Telangana polls. Though TDP and Congress party tried to indulge in Goebbels propaganda against TRS, social media would turn down all those allegations which, eventually, led the phenomenal victory of TRS.

When it comes to Power Star Pawan Kalyan led Janasena, the party is merely ignored by pro TDP's yellow media and YS Jagan's pamphlet Sakshi media. Even then, Janasena is reaching every nook and corner due to social media which includes, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp groups. 

According to the reports of netizens, Janasena party's strength in social media is 10 times bigger than TDP and YSRCP. Evidently, a few popular facebook accounts conducted an online poll about who the next CM of AP. In one of such polls, Pawan Kalyan was voted by 57% voters and the similar results werre noticed in other fb accounts as well.

Kejriwal's AAP has many dedicated workers in social media and that's why Kejriwal got humongous victory in Delhi polls. Similarly, Pawan Kalyan is also expected to pulverise both TDP and YCP in next general elections and may assume power as a CM. It's learnt that Janasena loyalists in social media are promoting party's ideology and manifesto at the moment.