National Survey Huge Damage to YSRCP

Tue 29th Jan 2019 06:45 AM

National Media Surveys Damaging YS Jagan

Surveys Damaging YSRCP
Surveys Damaging YSRCP

It is a known news that popular national media Fake today, Cheap Voter (names changed) made a political survey on Lok Sabha elections which said Ysrcp would win the election battle with a thumping majority of 19 MP seats victory in AP while rest of the seats would be bagged by TDP. However, we are hearing the reports that the survey has done a huge damage to Ysrcp. Following is the list of damages to Ysrcp with the fake survey.

* Janasena's name was not even mentioned by the national survey as if it were an untouchable party. This factor made a big number of Janasena's supporters angry on Ysrcp.


* Not only other parties but also neutral voters too understood that Ysrcp gave money to national media for biased survey.

* People got sympathy on Janasena while they unnecessarily developed hatred on Ysrcp.

* Since people stamped national media's surveys as fake, upcoming surveys of Fake Today and other national media would also not trusted by the people.