Rajini & Pawan Superb Political Combo?

Thu 10th Aug 2017 08:22 PM

Rajinikanth and Pawan Kalyan to Work Together in Politics?

Rajinikanth and Pawan Kalyan's Deadly Combo?
Rajinikanth and Pawan Kalyan's Deadly Combo?

Are Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth and Power Star Pawan Kalyan going to work together in politics ensuring a tie up between their political parties? All of a sudden, social media has abuzz that the deadly combo would work in the future. 

Comparatively, Rajinikanth is junior to Pawan Kalyan in politics and his political novice might prompt him taking advice and inspiration from Power Star led Janasena. In essence, rumour mills speculated that Rajini would launch a political party titled Makkal Sena which is similar to Janasena. 


Aforesaid gossip may have been a lie and close sources of Pawan Kalyan and Rajinikanth may rubbish the same. 

But then, Rajinikanth and Pawan Kalyan are likely to work together on another dais and there are many possibilities this assumption to be proved right. 

It's being predicted that the common platform for Rajini and Pawan would be set by none other than BJP. As we know, BJP has been trying hard to rope in Rajini as the CM candidate on behalf of their party in Tamil Nadu. The union government gave India's second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan for the Superstar. Even though Rajini floats a new political party, it's almost inexorable he would form an alliance with the BJP for general polls.

On the other side, Pawan Kalyan may continue his tie up with BJP and TDP for 2019's general elections as well. In such case, both Pawan Kalyan and Rajinikanth will share the same platform arranged by BJP either in Telugu states or in Tamil Nadu or the both.

Let's see if this dream combo comes into reality or not.