Time For Pawanism To Preach!

Fri 26th Aug 2016 05:48 PM

Pawan Kalyan To Tirupathi For Consoling Vinod Royal Family

Pawan Kalyan, React On Fan Wars!
Pawan Kalyan, React On Fan Wars!

The ideologies of Pawan Kalyan are summated into a thesis called Pawanism by his Fans and followers. Though no one knows what exact these principles are but Fans have framed a coin called Pawanism and made it so popular in Telugu states. Anyways, this is the right time for Pawanism to preach few lessons for Fans of all the heroes on how to lead a harmonious life building unity among them-selves.

The saddening news of Pawan Kalyan’s Fan Vinod Royal killed during an ugly war between Fans of different heroes showed the kind of pitiful society we are living in. Pawan Kalyan visiting Tirupathi today to console Vinod’s family and support them financially is not going to be the solution. 


Pawan should make use of his huge Fan base in integrating all Fan associations so that such unfortunate incidents aren’t repeated again any time in future. It’s time for Pawanism to teach the moral ways of living. Why are Fans localizing into groups? What are the key factors splitting them?  Every hero is aware of all these. Why not Pawan take an initiative to deliver a sermon?