Devil director annoying Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

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Kalyan Ram unhappy with Devil

The reason behind change of director for Devil
The reason behind change of director for Devil

Devil director is annoying Kalyan Ram. The revelation that the producer took on the role of director for 'Devil' caught many by surprise, shedding light on an underlying issue with the initial director, Naveen Medaram. Despite being widely known that the producer stepped into the directorial shoes for the film, the reasons behind the switch became clearer as it surfaced that leading star Kalyan Ram was reportedly dissatisfied with Naveen Medaram's handling of the project. Sources from the industry disclosed that Kalyan Ram, after just a brief observation of Naveen's directorial approach, recognized the director's inadequacy for helming a substantial project like 'Devil.'

"Within a couple of days, Kalyan Ram realized that Naveen was ill-prepared to direct an epic movie and conveyed his discontent to the team," revealed an industry insider. The star was reportedly taken aback to find Naveen sleeping on set and lacking the necessary commitment. The situation escalated to the point where two other technicians also opted out due to difficulties working with Naveen, leading to his replacement by the producer.


Undeterred by the challenges, producer Abhishek Nama assumed the directorial mantle, working tirelessly to deliver a groundbreaking spy thriller set around a secret British Agent. "Taking over such a complex project was no easy feat, but with confidence in his writer Srikanth Vissa and cinematographer Soundarrajan, Abhishek took charge and completed the movie," highlighted the source.

The criticism of Naveen Medaram's directorial abilities stemmed from his previous works, particularly 'Babu Baga Busy,' which, according to insiders, failed to do justice to a film set in the pre-Independence era. With Kalyan Ram and other top technicians expressing doubts about Naveen's directorial skills, the decision to replace him became inevitable.

Armed with a five-year Fine Arts course from JNU, Abhishek Nama infused the Rs 40 crore movie with intrigue and captivation. The film, currently in the post-production stage, is scheduled for release in January.

The future direction of Abhishek Nama's involvement in directing his productions remains uncertain. A distributor-turned-producer, now donning the director's hat, Abhishek was unavailable for comment when reached out to.

Meanwhile, Kalyan Ram, who previously delivered a blockbuster with 'Bimbisara,' faced a setback with 'Amigos.' The actor is placing high hopes on the success of the upcoming spy thriller, given the positive reception of his looks and teaser.