Rashmika Mandanna ruling as a brand ambassador

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Rashmika overtook Kajal, Samantha

Rashmika popularity is soaring
Rashmika popularity is soaring

Rashmika Mandanna ruling as a brand ambassador. Rashmika Mandanna has emerged as a frontrunner in brand endorsements, surpassing rivals such as Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal, Tamannaah and Mrunal Thakur. Reportedly, she commands more than Rs 4 crore for national brands, setting her apart as the highest-paid brand ambassador in Tollywood. With a pan-India appeal and a strong demand for local brands, Rashmika's popularity is soaring.

According to a source, Rashmika's allure extends beyond mere brand endorsements; she commands over Rs 25 lakhs for shop openings, a figure significantly higher than her contemporaries who earn around Rs 15 lakhs. Her expansive popularity and high fees are attributed to the massive success of 'Pushpa 1' and her subsequent pan-India recognition.


Rashmika's journey to becoming the go-to endorser for top brands includes associations with McDonald's, Vicks, Santoor, Dabur Honey, and Khazana Jewelleries, among others. Her pan-India celebrity status was solidified after 'Pushpa,' and she continued to enhance her brand value with projects like 'Animal' in Hindi cinema.

The industry insider notes that Rashmika's focus on Hindi films isn't merely for film offers but also to secure more brand deals. Major brands still prefer Hindi actresses, believing they have a broader reach, and Rashmika is capitalizing on this trend.

Addressing concerns about overexposure, the source dismisses such worries for Rashmika, asserting that she is just beginning her game. While the question of adjusting brand endorsements may arise in the future, for now, she can confidently promote brands and enjoy the financial rewards without concerns about overexposure.

Looking ahead, Rashmika has her sights set on significant projects like 'Pushpa 2' and eagerly anticipates audience reactions to her role in 'Animal.' The success of these films is deemed crucial for expanding her fan base across India and securing additional brand collaborations.

In summary, Rashmika Mandanna's strategic approach to endorsements and film choices positions her as a leading figure in the entertainment industry, both in Tollywood and on the national stage.

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