Don’t get discouraged: Chiru

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Don’t get discouraged: Chiru
Don’t get discouraged: Chiru

Hyderabad, Aug 19 :

Film-star-turned-politician and  Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) President K Chiranjeevi on Wednesday urged the party men not to lose heart because of the defections.  


Talking to media here on Wednesday, he admitted that the PRP suffered electoral defeat due to several weaknesses and the failure of the party to convey the message of social justice to the lower strata of society.

Confessing that the organisation was weak, the PRP chief  made it clear that he was going to continue in politics and said that he joined politics only to serve the people.

“We will have to make a new beginning by strengthening the party and enthuse our workers to fight for social justice," he said, while urging the party men not to lose heart because of the setbacks in the recent elections.

"We have secured more than 15 per cent of the votes, which is not an ordinary thing. We should take that as an inspiration for the future and continue our hard work," he said.
He also criticised media for filing baseless stories on defections from PRP and other party men for conspiring to harm the PRP. “I don’t understand why the media is targeting my party and filing baseless stories on PRP men,” he questioned.

“ I will go to the public seeking for justice of the oppressed and the suppressed. Once the people  of the  state recognize  the credentials of our party then I am sure that in the next four and half years  the image of the party will  get a further  boost  to stand as a force in the state,’’ he stated.

Taking a serious view on the discussions in the assembly, he alleged that both the ruling and Opposition party members have failed to discuss the  current problems in the state  and are wasting the precious time of august body by making baseless allegations on past events.

He assured that the PRP will act as the voice of the people in the assembly. "We will raise the problems of the people and get them solved by actively participating in the debate," he promised.

Don’t get discouraged: Chiru - CineJosh Updated on Fri 09th Oct 2009 09:26 AM IST
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