Chandrababu asks Govt to swing

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Chandrababu asks Govt to swing
Chandrababu asks Govt to swing

Hyderabad,  Aug 13:-

 The Telugu Desam party  on Thursday demanded  that the State  Government  should allocate funds  to  tackle the  drought situation in the State.  The Government  should shun its negligent attitude towards this drought situation  and  come up with novel schemes  to tackle the  drought situation.


In their  effort  to draw the attention  of the Government on the  drought situation in the  state,  the TDP MLAs  along with left parties  held  a dharna  at Gun Park in  front of the assembly.

Speaking on the occasion, the  TDP  chief Chandrababu Naidu alleged that the  Congress is   abusing the  TDP MLAs and  suspending them from the assembly whenever the TDP members  tried  to draw the attention  of the Government  on the drought  situation in the state.

He hit out  strongly at the Congress saying  that  when the farmers are  committing  suicides  due to lack of  drinking water  and  water for irrigation,  the Congress Government are watching the  situation like  silent spectators.

The  very fact  that  farmers are committing suicides in the state  because of  drought situation  is a shameful thing on the part of the Government, he  lamented.

The assembly should set aside the norms and  discuss the  drought situation in the  state. This is one of the  worst  droughts the state has ever faced in the last  50 years.   At such a time  is it not  reasonable  to set aside the norms and  discuss the drought situation  in the assembly, he questioned the  Congress party in the state.

 Whenever  discussions are held in the assembly on the  drought situations in the state,  the ministers  leave the assembly without  giving  any proper  reply, he  bemoaned.

When the Centre  has called for a  report on the drought situation in the   state, the State Government  so far  has not  responded. This  clearly explains the  negligent attitude  adopted  by the Congress towards  drought situation in the state.

He urged the Government  to swing into action before the  situation goes out of control and  the farmers rebel.

TRS calls for  subsidy on seeds and fertilizers

Meanwhile  Telangana Rashtra Samiti  has also  come out  strongly demanding the State Government  to take  necessary steps  in tackling the drought situation. The TRS leader  Harish Rao speaking on the occasion urged the  Government  to  provide the  farmers  with   required seeds and  fertilizers at  subsidized prices. As many  of the farmers are committing  suicides  being  unable to cope up with the  drought situation, the  Government should  stand by them   and give  them  the  moral support  to tide over the crisis situations.

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