DS claims support of 183 MLAs, dismisses KCR's claim of No Trust motion

Mon 14th Feb 2011 09:15 AM
DS claims support of 183 MLAs, dismisses KCR's claim of No Trust motion
DS claims support of 183 MLAs, dismisses KCR's claim of No Trust motion

Claiming the support of as many as 183 MLAs in the state Assembly, Pradesh Congress Committee president D Srinivas on Monday stated that the N Kiran Kumar Reddy government enjoyed a ‘comprehensive majority’ and there was no threat to it from any quarters.

Talking to media persons at Gandhi Bhavan, Mr Srinivas said that, “If any party introduces a No Confidence motion, the government will come out with flying colours.”


Referring to the ‘whimsical’ threats by some politicians which have ‘no substance’, Mr Srinivas stated, “I do not know how Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao can introduce a No Trust motion with only 11 Members in the Assembly.”

“Even if that (a No Trust motion) is moved, the government will not be under any threat since the Congress has the support of 183 Members in the state Assembly,” he added. However, he did not divulge details about how he managed to arrive at that figure.

Reacting on the Telangana employees unions extending support to noncooperation agitation called by Telangana Political Joint Action Committee from February 17, Mr Srinivas said that the Chief Minister was already holding discussions with the employees’ leaders and asked the employees to reconsider their decision.

He asked the employees not to inconvenience the public by participating in the noncooperation agitation.

Mr Srinivas also said that the Congress will not field any candidates for the Teachers and Graduates MLC constituency elections.

When asked to disclose if any disciplinary action will be taken against rebel party MLA Konda Surekha, the PCC chief said “I have sent the report ( on Ms Surekha’s latest outburst against AICC president Sonia Gandhi) sought by the High Command. The High Command has to act on my report”.

When asked to react to the questions raised by Ms Surekha in which she  asked the High Command why it had not recommended Mr Srinivas’ candidature for the Chief Minister’s post since he had brought the Congress to power twice during his stint as PCC chief, he chose to remain silent.

Reacting on Telangana Congress MLAs heading towards New Delhi seeking assurance on Telangana Bill, Mr Srinivas said that “anyone can talk to the High Command and raise their problems anytime.”

The PCC chief said the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy would participate as chief guest in the Government Schemes Monitoring Committees Meeting to be held on Tuesday at Gandhi Bhavan.

A library would be established at Gandhi Bhavan to get regular feedback on government schemes and comments of leaders, he said. Records would be maintained to rebut Opposition charges on government schemes effectively, he pointed out.